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Doug Williams has been providing SEO services since June 2002. Doug has an MBA and 22 years of top management experience. What began as SEO on his own business consulting practice, quickly grew into a SEO business and then into 15 person Internet Marketing business providing SEO services, website design, Internet marketing consulting, database programming and hosting.

Doug has worked helping the client companies of organizations like Anthony Robbins, Chet Holmes International, ITX Corp and ThinkBigSites.com get more traffic and increase their conversions.

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7 Tips for Great Website Copywriting

website copywriting

Website copywriting is much different than writing for print. When people read printed books or even brochures, they will read and absorb the message more completely. It is easier for the eye to read printed words because the resolution and clarity of the characters are so much better than on computer…

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7 Musts for Dental Websites To Bring In More Patients

dental websites

You need a website for your dentistry practice. Maybe it is a new website or maybe you want to redesign it to create a better image or get more new patients. You are trying to figure out what is important for dental websites. You have several options for your new…

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Has Website Design Become a Commodity?

business website design

We all see the ads on TV advertising free custom website design for your business. Does this mean that the days for quality custom built business websites have come to an end? It seems very attractive to be able to get your business online for free? Why should you spend…

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Creating Original Content by Educating Your Audience

creating original content

Yahoo! recently published a piece addressing one of the most effective marketing strategies alive in today’s digital landscape – creating original content. This article used a 1971 ad by Coca Cola in which the original writer, adman Bill Backer, was inspired to write a song about the product. While traveling,…

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Dental Website Design: How to Attract More Patients

dental website design

Your focus is on growing your dental practice and you want your dental practice website to help your reach your patient acquisition goals. In dental website design we look first at your business goals because your website needs to be an important marketing tool. Each practice has specific specialties and…

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Developing a Blog Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

business blog marketing strategy

You have a small local business such as a dry cleaners, a dental office or a law practice. You have heard that adding a blog onto your website would help improve your Google rankings and attract more visitors to your website. What would your blog marketing strategy be? What would…

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What are the Best Keywords for Your Local Search Engine Optimization?


Choosing the right keywords is the first and most important step in local search engine optimization for your business website.   You don’t needs hundreds or even dozens of keywords.  Generally there will be 3-5 keywords that your customers or clients will naturally search for. Focus: It is about choosing the…

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How to Write Education Based Marketing Web Content

education based marketing

Most web pages are written to directly promote and sell your services to people that are actively searching to buy. This is typically about 3% of your target market. You can also employ Education based marketing which appeals to 40% of your target market. This is because people today will…

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How to Keep Poor Online Reviews from Ruining Your Business

online reviews

Why social reviews are important: Every business owner knows that having positive online reviews are good, but did you know that 86% of survey respondents said negative reviews strongly impacted their buying decisions.  Another survey found that 57% of consumers will avoid a local business that has negative online reviews….

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Why Use Case Studies in Your Content Marketing

case studies

Adding actual case studies to your website / blog not only adds interesting content for your visitors. It adds new, original keyword rich content to help with your website’s SEO. For local search, case studies are an easy way to work in the city, state along with the broader keyword…

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