article by Doug-WilliamsHow do you transform your website from ordinary to extraordinary? What is it that will so improve your customer’s experience on your website that they will stop and say “Wow.” Video is one answer. Use video to help web visitors to engage, visualize, learn and better imagine how to use your product.

Use videos to get customers to understand and relate to your offering. Demonstrate your product’s features and benefits. Keep videos short and to the point, under one minute is best. Examples of how video can add another dimension.

  1. Fashions: show fashion accessories or clothing being modeled by professional models. This adds a deeper interaction than just a photo.
  2. Fishing lures: show underwater videos of lure in use so fishermen can see the product in action.
  3. Toys: Parents buy toys to give joy to kids. Show toddlers actually playing with the toys. People love to watch the facial expressions.

Video is being consumed at ever increasing rates by Internet audiences according to Comscore studies.

  • 81.6 percent (US) online visitors watch web videos (Aug 2009). This is up from 77 percent just 9 months earlier (Nov 2008).
  • The average video watched was 3.7 minutes(Aug 2009). This is up from 3.1 minutes 9 months earlier (Nov 2008)
  • The average video viewer watched 582 minutes of video (Aug 2009). This is up from 273 minutes 9 months earlier (Nov 2008)

Videos work because they communicate complex ideas very quickly. Adding a video to a landing page can greatly increase conversions because they communicate so much and create such good understanding.