article by Doug-WilliamsPretty just isn’t enough for a business website. You may have a great Flash design that is professional, with powerful imagery and a logical sales flow. The issue is that visitors are unable to find your site in the organic search results. This type of site must depend on referral traffic such as paid sponsored links for visitors.

Penn State researchers did a study and found that over 80% of the searches went to organic search results. They found that consumers are suspicious of sponsored links and they favor organic search results as being more trusted.

Competition for first page Google results is fierce. It’s like building a high performance racing vehicle. Street cars are no match for top race cars. Race cars are carefully engineered, built to very exacting tolerances, precision tuned and thoroughly tested in order to get a top placement in a race. It is not different for a website to compete for a top search placement.

With Google now indexing 25 billion pages it takes special effort to come up in the first page of their search results. SEO design requires careful research and planning prior to the design process. Keyword research, site architecture, navigation schemes, wire framing and cross-link schemes need to be planned in advance. Focused content should be written to be keyword rich and have maximum marketing impact.

To get great SEO results, each page within your website will be individually competing for a position with the 25 billion other pages. Each page needs to be focused and optimized around the specific content on that page.

SEO Design requires a well thought out inbound linking strategy. These should be from highly relevant sites. Highly competitive sites will require multiple linking strategies to be a top performer.