Buying a new website is expensive, just like hiring an expert webmaster to create a quality website. It’s something many small and medium online businesses often have problems with.

But there’s an unpopular or often ignored solution to buying or creating a new website. Website leasing is a thing, and unfortunately, many online entrepreneurs are not aware about this.

What is website leasing?

The process for leasing a website is the same as with leasing a house and a car.

As the name suggests, you are renting your website from a certain website-leasing platform. You’ll have a website with several additional options and pay for the fee every month. The contract often varies from a year to even 3 years.

There are also cancellation terms in case you want to cancel your monthly leasing. It is best you check the terms first before you start leasing with a certain platform.


You get to have a full website, plus additional packages and tools, as if you have bought a website. However, you won’t be paying for something that’s heavy on your budget. In addition, you can build, maintain, and even promote your website with the package you choose.

In addition, you can cancel your monthly lease once you feel independent enough to create and run your own website.

How much is website leasing?

The cost will vary depending on the package you chose for your website. It may also depend on how long your leasing contract is.

Costs are clearly indicated. You can compare prices from various platforms and ultimately save your capital with website leasing.